Pflege fur Bimmer: Ooops!

By John Scheidhauer. I see lots of cars that have either aborted repairs from overzealous do-it-yourselfers or improper repairs as a result of poor workmanship or inferior parts. Everyone wants to think he/she can grab the old tool box and … Continue reading

Putting The A In SAV

  By Jason Ross, Member. When people ask what I do, I say simply that I’m a computer guy. This brings a bit of surprise to those I meet for the first time, to realize a computer guy can have … Continue reading

22 Years With An L6

John Colmer.   In 1993, my then partner in the restaurant business spotted an ’87 L6 on the lot at Roadshow. I couldn’t resist. I told the folks at the bank not to say anything to my wife as I … Continue reading

Pflege Fur Bimmer

John Scheidhauer. I once had a customer who ran over some debris in the road but didn’t think much of it and continued on to his destination. He parked the car and was inside the business for 30 minutes or … Continue reading